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Family Profile

Father : CHONG Sun Fu , Mother : THONG Geok Lee, Married : 22 Dec 1982 Location of family members : Malaysia, Singapore, USA, formerly China Ethnic background : Chinese No of children : 6 of which 2 are married
We feel like a pioneering family due to a number of reasons. Firstly we are 1st generation members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons, in Malaysia and Singapore. There hasn't been any disadvantage for that but instead we have benefited and grown with the faith from strength to strength. We appreciate the freedom to choose for ourselves what we believe and how we like to live and have great respect for others to do the same.

We took bold steps in crafting a synergistic and diversed lifestyle in our family that is spiritual, tri-lingual and educated in both the sciences and the arts. We achieve this by exposing the children to different schools with different languages and cultures at different times eg kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school. It is complimented with a supportive environment at home filled with love, spirituality and positive dialogues, not forgetting plenty of humor to overcome the negatives. This is supplemented by education overseas with work experience. Through this, we hope to find our talents, passion and realize our true purpose of life.

You can consider us unorthodox in the way we educate ourselves. We sent mom back to a college of interior design after many years of marriage to add to her marriage certificate and birth certificates. We also send our children on voluntary missions to serve our Church, if they choose to go, before they complete their education. Living in the information age, we became an internet family adaptive to technology and the borderless world. Dad believes in constant learning. He conducts his own life long research in optimal performance and thinking. He does this through continuous reading, thinking, writing, working, doing, exercising, engaging, fasting, facilitating, observing, photographing, communicating, praying, listening, sharing, serving, meditating, relaxing & travelling extensively.

Many things or people excite us. Reunions of friends and family, travel, animals, music, sports and the great outdoors add to our joy in life and appreciation of the beautiful world we live in. We don't think we're a perfect or super family by any means. We are just glad to be equipped for the fast changing world, having experienced constancy amidst chaos, through our strong family values and enduring testimonies of a Father in Heaven who has unconditional love for all of us.

"The greatest work we can do is within the four walls of our own home " -- A Modern Day Prophet

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