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Exploring Mulu Caves in Borneo

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First Merit Award Scholarship

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Gold Medal Graduate

Graduated from BMTC to qualify to enter OCS

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Personal Profile

Name : CHONG Woon Shuan

Talents : Piano and Trombone, Gymnastics, Linguist in English, Mandarin & Malay languages, First Aid skill from the Red Cross

Accomplishments : Qualified for the Malaysian National Interstate Gymnastic competition, Achieved a Grade 5 level in the Piano ABRSM certification, Completed 4 years of early morning seminary in the LDS Church, Passed the Singapore Ministry of Education entrance examinations to enter Secondary 2 level in the Anglo Chinese School(ACS),  Performed in the world class concert hall in Singapore's Esplande in a school band playing the trombone, Scored 5As in the GCE O levels government examination to qualify for a merit award and a place in Ngee Ann Politechnic of Singapore where he pursued his interest in the Bio Medical Science program, Attained a perfect GPA score of 4.0 for two semesters to win and maintained his scholarship award throughout his years at the Politechnic, Submitted the best question in a "Science For Our Future" festival at the Politechnic to win an iPod touch, Won a free trip in a seminar during the same festival in an essay competition to visit the University of Western Australia to meet Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry Marshall, Selected as a top performing college student to travel representing Singapore to do voluntary service in a remote village for a couple of weeks under a mission of TCP(The Christieara Programme) YEP project at Libon Philippines, Qualified for the Overseas Merit Fellowship award where he was sent to Menlo College in California USA to be exposed to a liberal arts' education


Known in the family in his younger days as a shy boy with unasumming personality, Woon Shuan has shown in his adolescent years to have blossomed to become a good conversationalist and even public speaker when assigned. He is a good model of a concientious and considerate son who contributes much to the family in terms of housework while he works hard with his school work.

While he was in Malaysia in his younger school days, he picked up Mandarin and the Malay language from school but was proefficient in English too as it was the main language spoken at home and at Church. He developed other talents which included music in playing the piano and trombone. He had also spent many years from a young age training in gymnastics and have also been involved in bike riding and hiking in his older years, with the highlight of exploring the Mulu Caves in Sarawak on the Borneo island.

In Singapore, he truly blossomed in his academic performance. From merely an average performer previously, always overshadowed by his older maverick brother, he soon blazed his own trail. With 5As in his 'O' level examinations, he decided to take a course different from his brother. Instead of advancing to do the 'A' levels, he decided to pursue a program that would get him more involved early in the field of biomedical science that he has passion for. Accepted into Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a merits award scholarship from his good 'O' levels results, he never stopped maintaining top results at the college to enjoy yearly scholarships. He has become quite a globe trotter too in qualifying for or winning paid trips overseas to Western Australia, Philippines and going as far as California USA in the name of education and community interest under the sponsorship or direction of the Singapore government. He finally graduated as the highest achiver in his course of biomedical laboratory technology, receiving the gold medal award.

As required by government of Singapore, all permanent residents/citizens are to serve two years of National Service. He successfully gratudated from the 9 weeks at the Singapore Armed Forces Basic Military Training Centre (SAF BMTC) to qualify to enter the Officer Cadet School. (OCS) He also successfully graduated from the 9 months at the OCS to be promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and posted to SAF BMTC to be a platoon commander of the new recruits on Tekong Island.




"The old love to sing the song 'To Dream the Impossible Dream' while the young never sings it as they think everything is possible!"

-- SF Chong --

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