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18th Birthday

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Clutches 3 awards
in ACJC 1st Yr

7 As for A levels

Music Composition

21st Birthday

  3 Academic Awards in ACJC 2nd Yr

Mission Call to Manchester UK and acceptance to Yale-NUS

Full ASEAN scholarship to Yale-NUS after mission end


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Personal Profile

Name : CHONG Woon Han

Talents : Cartooning, Piano and Clarinet, Gymnastics, Computer & Internet, Ballroom Dancing, Dog Trainer, Linguist in English, Mandarin & Malay languages, Singing and Acting in talent shows, Computer and Board games, Scripting, Filming and Editing Amateur movie clips

Accomplishments : Qualified for the Malaysian National Interstate Gymnastic competition, Grade 7 in the Piano ABRSM certification, Scored in the Australian English standard examination, Performed and emceed in the world class concert hall in Singapore's Esplande in a school band playing the clarinet, Completed 4 years of early morning seminary in the LDS Church, Top student in Secondary 3 (Express) level in the Anglo Chinese School(ACS), of Singapore, winning also the top prize for the subjects of English Language, Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics. He also won the Friend of Singa Award 2008 for Courtesy in Singapore. For the GCE O levels government examination, he was the top student in ACS for scoring 9As of which 8 were A1s. Thereafter from a pure Science stream, he decided to switch to Arts at Junior College. At ACJC he won an award for leading the choir as President to win top marks in all categories in the Fourth World Choir Festival in St Petersburg, Russia. He also won the Performing Arts Award and the highest award of the Principal Honour's Roll. For the final exams in what is considered the end of his school life, ie. the A levels government examination, he scored 7As which included an A for Music majoring in composing. While preparing to serve a 2 year mission for his Church, he was readily accepted by the Ministry of Education in Singapore to be a relief teacher and given an official work permit. Submits applications to serve a mission and entrance to Yale-NUS college after and got accepted in both, being sent to Manchester UK for his mission for 2 years and accepted to Yale-NUS for Aug 2014 intake. Receives full ASEAN scholarship for Yale-NUS and a successful end of his Mission.


At an early age, Woon Han already attracted the attention of his parents when he had a love and capability of putting together complexed puzzles beyond his age level. Before even reaching the age of going to school, he had already become adept in using the personal computer. He was a pioneer to be entertained by multi-media programs that helped him develop his intellect and challenged his comprehension and coordination skills.

As he started formal education at school in Malaysia, he became tri-lingual in English, Mandarin and the Malay language. Outside the school curriculum, he was encouraged to develop other talents which included music in playing the piano and clarinet. He further received training in gymnastics which helped him stretch his physical as well as mental attributes. For relaxation, playing computer games, blogging and cartooning seemed to be his pre-occupation. He used his cartooning talents often in making creative cards and gifts for the birthdays of his friends or other special ocassions. He seems to possess strong creative talents that are expressed in more than one medium. This includes drawing, writing, speaking and musical expressions.

He moves forward into the adult world confidently, having reflected a good responsible attitude since his adolescence years that is recognized by many. They appreciate the multi-talents he has acquired which he uses to serve others. Whether at home, church or work place, he has become a well respected individual who is loved for his sharing and caring attitude. He is a sociable person despite having a unique outstanding personality and making quality friendships or relationships is a major part of his joy in life.

"You may be a jack of all trades and master of none yesterday but today you can be master of some "
-- SF Chong --

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