Welcome to my world of cyber space which has become the optimal medium for expressing the feelings of my heart and the thoughts of my mind.

I'm Chong Sun Fu(张山福) or Sun Fu CHONG, my international name, one born and bred in the city of Kuala Lumpur who has been very blessed with world class education and a very rich and diverse experience in what we refer to as LIFE. I therefore feel comfortable to address you no matter where you are from or whatever background you may have. You will usually find me friendly, understanding and interested to help you. That has indeed been my nature both in my personal life as well as my professional life.

Thank you for taking time to get to know me better. In a strange way, as you become more familiar with me, you may find that you may somehow understand yourself better too. The reason for saying this is because I have always felt that I am quite an ordinary person no different from the next person. The only difference could be that I decided to experiment with life to see what an ordinary man can do and in the process, record everything with an imaginary camera as early as I can remember. This part of my cyber space therefore will have stark findings and revealing truths about not just myself but maybe about your life too. For as I said, I consider myself very ordinary and normal but from the recordings, I could learn of what different processes were taking place in my heart and mind to become the human being that I am.

Wow, sharing my Heart and Mind is a daunting task you might think but thanks to modern technology, it can all be just a click away. Our Heart and Mind is a complex thing to uncover and understand for sure. Much has been researched about it in the subject of IQ and EQ. In our current Information Era, more scientific data is now available for those interested to understand more detailed processes with clinical findings. I know many just prefer to carry on their lives not worrying about such details. If they were troubled in their heart or mind, they usually turn to a good friend or a professional doctor for help. Others turn to religion or some form of mysticism to find the peace they desire. For me, I am constantly in touch with my heart and mind for in there I believe is how I perceive the world to be and where I can find answers to my questions of life on this earth and beyond as I am touched by the Spirit.



Introducing my Body, Mind & Spirit




  My Heart:

My heart is where I feel things. It is full of passion and emotion. There are many emotions that men and women experience. It is part of the Primal Man to have a Body that feels and senses things for his own survival and pleasure. He gets angry to become prepared to fight for his survival or possession. This includes jealousy and greed. He feels fear to be made aware of potential dangers so that he can protect himself or become better equipped to overcome the difficult times and to be safe. He falls in love because it is in his nature to find a mate for comfort and to reproduce. Love is a very strong emotion from the heart and is commonly expressed in poetry, songs, books and movies. It is the underlying force behind Relationships and ultimately leads to the legalized relationship of marriage and the institution known as the family. The family environment of love and support is most conducive to allow young ones to mature in their emotional states until they can create and lead in their own families.

I am one with a great love not just for my family but all men. Of course the family ranks the highest in my priorities of love and responsibilities but I have a great love of my fellow men too. This is due to my internal belief system & values in life which comes from spiritual sources that influences my heart. I also realize the intelligence that comes from emotional sources, that I should feel comfortable and trust my heart when making any decision besides analyzing the choices in my mind. In as much as I have referred to the heart when I relate to feelings, it symbolically represents my Body which I see as the physical part of Man that naturally feels things first before it become translated into meanings by the Mind that is covered next.





  My Mind:

My mind is where I think about or visualize things. It is full of the intellect such as knowledge, principles and rules that creates structure or meaning in our life. It is also the place where imaginative processes takes place that can create an outcome of originality and of value. This is when one becomes creative. The outer brain is said to have developed later in the Primal Man that makes us Human in that we just do not react to the body senses alone. We also have the ability to think or analyze and have the free agency to decide the course of action. The Thinking Power of the mind is the underlying force behind all Systems that exists today in our society e.g.. manufacturing system, governmental system, legal system, transportation system etc The greatest influence being the Monetary system and eventually the Capitalist system as it determines the material wealth of a being. It is interesting how the objective of one system is related to another in Man's mind. For example, the Education System developed to train the mind for intellectual ability becomes interpreted as the way to make more money in life.

I am one who who had a mind that developed very slowly in the beginning and later discovered ways to make greater use of my mind to become a man of greater competence. It is through learning how to maximize my average mind in systematic ways that I developed the ability to optimally perform in many diverse fields from an original Maths & Science discipline to Finance & Accounting, Computers & Management, Direct Sales and Public Speaking with an impressive documented track record. Indeed what the mind can conceive, man can achieve but I'm not sure if my intellectual education has helped me make more money as many assume today!





My Spirit:

My spirit is the life force or a kind of intelligence that is the base of my existence. In mortality, my heart or body and mind seems predominant in shaping my character. Deep inside me, I know there is an independent, vibrant and everlasting spirit that existed before I was born. It connects with a spiritual source that touches my heart and influence my mind to help me perceive my purpose of living on this earth. It charges me with an energy that has allowed me to perform miracles. It perhaps is the spiritual quotient(SQ) of Man which science has yet to uncover.

It has given me a greater vision and understanding than what my mortal heart or body and mind can conceive. The spirit is a different dimension from what we know in mortality and science has yet to prove its existence. They have even attempted to weigh the body before and after death with a scientifically accurate machine to note a marginally small loss in weight that could be attributed to the lost of spirit but can also be due to the lost of moisture so the experiment is non-conclusive! Being spiritual is quite different from being religious though through organized religions, many come to learn of spiritual things. Like a compass that always points to the true north, I believe the spirit has the same effect on me.

I am one who cannot deny that I have received great spiritual experiences but despite this, much is still a mystery. 'For now we see through a glass, darkly;' and I believe I must continue to remain open minded and respectful of the different faiths and beliefs that others have. Spiritual experiences are generally non-materialistic in nature and makes one more humble and grateful for whatever one has. I do an annual fast of 2 nights and 3 days without food and water to remind myself of the existence of my spirit and remain grateful for even just the simple nourishment I have each day. It is because of my spiritual experiences that I believe in the life balancing principles of the Body, Mind and Spirit that is described below according to my interpretation :




The Heart and Mind I believe are the key players for our conciousness and cognition involving our Body, Mind & Spirit. The characteristics of each are quite distinct and warrants it's own focus and hence I have created distinct websites for each. As there is a strong interplay of all three parts in our lives, the content of each web site, though classified to be distinct, may sometimes have coverage that appear to be overlapping but the underlying theme and objective are quite distinct as depicted in the table below.

The series of writings under My Heart and Mind is a distillation of the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that I hold which personifies my character and hence classified as personal. However they are openly shared as it reflects the direct and open personality I possess that seeks to relate to others as I relate to myself. I also have the hope that the reader of the series, if interested, may find a better understanding of the Man whom I perceive to be and perhaps more important, a better awareness of Who you really think and feel you are yourself.



There are differences in the development of the Body & Mind in the East & West that I have observed in my
international experience. To find out what they are, click HERE



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