Birth of Talklane

2nd Anniversary of Mom's return home

Last ride on the S'pore KTM tracks revisited

1st Anniversary of Mom's return home

In memory of
Elder Wiberg

In Search of Our Family Roots

1 Year Mark passed for Elder Chong

Shuan, the Gold Medal graduate

The Never Ending Christmas Story 2012

In Memory of Papa Toh of Ipoh

Touching Lives

In memory of Ray's puppy Ace

In memory of the children's 'Ee-poh'

The Next Generation, Han's Mission call

Awards, Prizes and Celebration Mar 2012

Ushering in the Year of the Dragon 2012

Pictorial Review of the year 2011

The Never Ending Christmas Story 2011

Nostalgia of Christmas

A Boy and his Puppy

Father-Son Outing to Penang Island

Unstoppable Mom meets her match

Han's 21st Birthday

In memory of Steve Jobs & ITC's birth

In memory of
'Eng Ee'

My Video Reflections of Spore

In memory of Abraham Suki

Su Min's Wedding

The Unstoppable Mom

Dad the political activist?

Raising a family the spiritual way

Boys Success
in Singapore

Start of the Year of the Rabbit

The Never Ending Christmas Story 2010

Video version

Kak Tun weds in Indonesia

A Father-Son Outing to the Jungle

Su's graduation & Fei's Wedding

Fei & Chris Wedding Invitation

Mom wins Story Telling contest

Woon Pin's wedding

Dad's Story of 7

Family reunion

Su's mission ends

Dad in Beijing

Father's Day

Dad punched up

Mother's Day

Ee Rong's Wedding

Ushering in 2008

2007 Christmas in Singapore

Boy's Success in Singapore

25th Anniversary

Independence Day

Fei becomes Fayemous

KL City Dog

Woon Kit's Wedding

Woon Kean's Wedding

Tribute to our departed friend

Mom's genealogy work

A Father-Daughter Outing to the Desert

Dad's ancestry discovered

20th Anniversary

Dad's service to the community through Church service

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Our Vision is to Connect, Synergize and Futurize the World
Believing that there is no greater work than the one you do within the four walls of your home.


The year that was : 2016 Photolinksnews

news Never Ending Christmas Story 2016   Bersih 5 March   Shuan leave for London UK 

Epic Journey to USA   In Memory of Stanly Lim  Woon Shuan's Mission Call 

Defining Moments   Congrats Sergeant Chong Woon Ern   Letter to Mom on her Birthday

Happy Lunar New Year of the Monkey  Our first Grand Child   In Memory of Daniel Wong 

The year that was : 2015 Photolinks

 Never Ending Christmas Story 2016    Happy Birthday October babies and November babies   

Inspiration and Happenings in Kuantan & Group Emporium Corp GEC experience

Happy Birthday to all June Babies!   A Letter to Mom on her Birthday & Mother's Day

Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the Goat 2015   Happenings in Singapore - Passing of Lee Kwan Yew

The year that was : 2014 Photolinks

The Never Ending Christmas Story 2014  Visiting Australia again   The Stone Cut without Hands 

Happy Birthday to all the November Babies   Happy Birthday to all the October Babies!

My thoughts and feelings on Merdeka Day in Johore Bahru

 My thoughts on the 49th National Day of Singapore

The BIG familylane Reunion   Father's Day thoughts   Mother's Day Multimedia

The Body Mind Spirit and MH370 connections

Happy Birthday to Leroy Thong with flashback photos and stories

Ushering in the New Year of 2014, the Year of the Horse with family greetings and updates

The year that was :  2013 Photolinks

 Never Ending Christmas Story 2013    Salvation & Christmas      Multi race & religion

Medan search for the Tjong Yong Hian heritage   Classmate's son passes away   Dad meeting a Real Nice Guy in Melaka

November Birthdays    October Birthdays and Links       

 Cheah family tree uncovered    Chong family tree uncovered

Son no. 2 advanced to Officers Cadet School(OCS) in Spore's National Service

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to our Muslim friends celebrating the end of the fast

Click here for all our Muslim friends on their fasting month   Superman and Independence day July 4th

June Birthdays, Father's Day and remembering the Father-Daughter/Son Outings   In Memory of Lillian LIm

Happy Mother's Day   Malaysia's Mother of All Elections   Remembering Mom on her birthday

Body Mind Spirit activities for the 1st quarter of 2013     Eve & 15 days of celebration of the Lunar Year of the Snake

The year that was 2012 :

Special Retro video with our Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year 2013!

  Moving on with life after she has gone home with 30 years of marriage behind us      Old retro video of Dec 2002

In Memory of our unstoppable Mom       November & October Babies remembered on their birthday

A trip planned for Australia that was never meant to be

 Shuan carrys on his brother's tradition of winning awards and gets a profile page of his own

  Family reunions with the visit of Su & Jay from the US    Han leaving for Manchester UK

Father's Day 2012     Mid year Birthday season starts with Fei and Ern

Mom's never ending celebration since her birthday in April

  Dad shares exciting peaks in March      Video recording of Han opening his Mission Letter

The Family is not just a concept of our Minds but an expression of our Hearts

Connecting with Family and Friends (beyond communicating on facebook)

Father (Sun Fu) -- Mother (Geok Lee)

Daughter 1 (Fei Min) -- Daughter 2 (Su Min)

Son 1 (Woon Han)  -- Son 2 (Woon Shuan) -- Son 3 (Woon Ern) -- Son 4 (Woon Ray)

Live Video from Dad's phone

Video Clips

Mom & Dad's 20th Anniversary VCD production Dec 2003   --   Video Greetings and Updates : Dec 2006

The Never Ending Christmas Story Dec 2007 -- Talent Night Dec 2006 -- Su's dance before her mission

Farewell to the Merritts -- Takeyama farewell -- Mom's favorite mirror -- Mom the Cancer Survivor

 Woon Han's Valedictorian Speech in Singapore after scoring 9As for his O Levels examination

Mom's winning story on The Straits Times, Razor TV    --    Interview on Razor TV

Mom sings with the Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City --  Ray's first experience in the snow

Thing Christopher has to do to get his Bride :    Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

Dad's speech & toast at the wedding of Fei & Christopher   --  Mom tells her story about the Tea Ceremony

Wedding of Jay and Su :   Groom Challenge    Han's Musical Composition    Mom's Story    

  Dad's Speech & Toast    Car Send-off    Musical Video   Video Reflections of Singapore


The Chong family tree (Genealogical Chart)


Family Blog Events

How it all started on 22 Dec 1982

13 Aug 2008 : Fei visits Singapore from Beijing for family reunion       21 Aug 2008 : Su returns back to BYU Provo

 6 Sep 2008 : Oldest Sister celebrates 70th Birthday    12 Jan 2009 : Woon Han scores 9As in his O level exams 

19 Sep 2009 : Oldest Brother celebrates 70th Birthday          20 Nov 2009 : Sudden departure of my Father

31 Dec 2009 : Summary of the year 2009           29 May 2010 : Fei gets married and Su graduates from BYU

30 Jul 2010 : Shuan wins scholarship award in Singapore        4 Mar 2011 : Han gets 7As for his A Levels

20 May 2011 : Unstoppable Mom's experience at the hospital  

 18 Jun 2011 : Touch Down in Salt Lake City     29 July 2011 Shuan wins an iPod touch and scholarship award

Photo Sets

Wedding of Fei and Christopher         Fei in China and Mongolia

 Trip to Yellowstone   Snow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming   Idaho Falls   Utah   Los Angeles

Adventure on Borneo Island    Cambodia   China   Malaysia/Singapore   KL Marathon

Old Boys Reunion   Toastmasters   Press Conference   Anita Sarawak in Starhill Gallery

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Facebook links
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Father (Sun Fu)     Mother (Geok Lee )     Daughter 1 (Fei Min)
    Daughter 2 (Su Min)

Son 1 (Woon Han)     Son2 (Woon Shuan)     Son 3 (Woon Ern)     Son 4 (Woon Ray)

Extended Facebook family links

Family by way of Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces

Mom's side: Tong Yen Wei  Ying Er  Priscilla Lau  Beverly Thong(Chang)  Mark Chang  LeroyThong  JulianaThong  

Clayton Chong  Connie Chong(Blakemore)  Jasmin Chong  SimonThong   MatthiasThong  BeverlyThong  

 Jeff Chong   Claudia Thong(Chong)

Dad's side: Woon Ming  Woon Pin   Ee Rong  Woon Fern   Chong Fong   Chong Beng   Eileen Ong

  Jessie Lim  Jason Lim  Hui Fern  Chong Huat(Andrew)  Hui Yen

Family by way of marriage of Fei Min to Christopher Wyatt

     Ranae Johnson Wyatt    Carolyn Wyatt   Cory Wyatt   Aaron Wyatt (Mission)

Family by way of marriage of Su Min to Jay Liu

  Chuck Liu  Grace Liu   Jonny Liu   Justin Liu (Mission)


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"It is easier to become a Father than to be one" Kent Nerburn

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