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Name : CHONG Sun Fu , Designation : Management Consultant & Facilitative leader, Experience : 25+ years Qualifications : Chartered Accountant, B Com. (Aust), CFP, Certified Public Speaker (ACB,CL) Specialization : Leadership, Communication and Change Management using Optimal Performance & Thinking In OrgaNizations (OPTION)

In his lifetime, Chong SF has enjoyed an illustrious career as a professional pioneering in multi disciplinary fields of Management Consulting, Information Technology and Direct Sales. His varied skills and abilities have been used by local and international entities to attain breakthrough results which have been well publicized in the press and other media to recognize his contribution.

He has chosen his life's work to be an active participant in the business world to provide optimal solutions for stakeholders in a complexed and fast changing world. He is a systems thinker, a team player and is focused on building human potential and unlocking the power of a group. He is the man with the paper qualifications, the necessary experience and a good track record poised to help any individual or organization achieve positive and successful change.

His own personal and professional life is reflective of one unafraid to discover and change, yet is able to maintain the desired peace and constancy amidst the chaos in a turbulent world. He has the life long research information and experience in Optimal Performance and Thinking(OPT) suited for a changing world. He constantly invites others to learn, share and integrate new found knowledge and innovative tools into their lives and organizations to get more optimal results.

Away from the business world, he is the father of a family of 6 tri-lingual children. He also spends time being active in several non-profit organizations. The great outdoors is what he enjoys including varied sports as golfing, downhill skiing, camping, boating or a simple game of basketball or ping pong. Notable for his friendly approachable personality, he has established a worldwide network of friends and associates which he delights in visiting, working with and keeping in touch through his internet links.

"Insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results." -- Gerhard Plenert


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